3 Reasons our Laminated Column buildings are Better



It’s been said that a building is only as good as the foundation it’s built on – and its true!  The foundation anchors the structure and protects it from upward and downward movement that would cause it to fail.

Our laminated column buildings start with a 12” diameter foundation hole drilled six feet deep. A concrete base increases the bearing surface over 300%* providing solid support for the column while distributing downward forces. Concrete tamped in place around the sides of the column anchor it and provide resistance against upward forces. This 12” diameter concrete anchor provides over 60% more contact area with soil below the frost line contributing additional holding power. It’s a superior foundation designed to withstand the demands of Canadian weather and soil conditions.



Our engineered, laminated columns have been designed for your specific building use. The lumber making up the column is glued, pressed together and mechanically fastened to ensure exceptional strength and durability. Double headers at the top of the wall, 2X4 purlins and girts at 24” on centre, and engineered lintels at overhead door openings add further strength and provide bearing for the engineered roof system.  Finally, 29-gauge steel is fastened with a screw in every valley on every purlin on both the roof and walls. That’s almost twice as much skin to frame contact as some other builders!



In the end, a building is only as good as the materials used to build it. Using the right materials for the job is essential in providing a building that is beautiful, safe, and enduring. All of the products used in the construction of a Newton building meet or exceed local and national building codes.

We use only .080 grade pressure treated lumber for the below-grade portion of our engineered-laminated columns. The .080 grade is the only Preserved Wood Foundation (PWF) lumber designed for sub-grade use and comes backed by a 60-year warranty against rot or decay.


*Based on a 4-Ply 2X6 column


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