General Contractor and Design-Build Services
Professional construction services, flexible design-build processes, and safe work sites are the foundation Newton Enterprises builds on.

Experienced Professionals
Since 1952, Newton Enterprises has consistently provided our customers with quality building materials, superior construction projects and responsive customer service. The skills and experience gained over the years have equipped us to offer excellence in General Contracting,  Design-Build services, and Construction Management. Our portfolio spans the commercial, agricultural, and residential building sectors with contracting projects located across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North-West Ontario, the United States, and Japan.


Consultative Construction Processes
We understand that no two buildings are exactly alike. Every customer and each project present their own unique needs and challenges. The flexibility of in-house Design, Estimating and Project Management teams allows us to offer a highly consultative construction process that ensures the right building solution every time.

Safe Work Sites
Newton Enterprises is a COR Certified contractor and places a premium on safety. Our comprehensive health and safety program is enforced on all of our construction sites with the goal of protecting our customers, crews, and the environment. We believe that creating a safe work environment is a value-added benefit to our customer and that excellence in safety management leads to excellence in business.

We take pride in creating buildings designed for beauty and efficiency, engineered for safety, and built to last.

That’s the Newton legacy, building a better life.