General Contractor
Newton Enterprises has extensive experience as a General Contractor working for both the public and private sectors. As General Contractor, we work with the owner or Prime Contractor to ensure that the building is constructed as per the requirements detailed in the construction plans and specifications. Working as General Contractor, we have successfully completed commercial, institutional, industrial, residential and agriculture projects across Manitoba and Ontario. Many of those projects have been in Northern communities where transportation and supply of materials and services pose significant challenges. The lessons learned on those projects have translated to more efficient, productive sites wherever they are located.

Construction Management
Management of a large construction site is a complex endeavor encompassing a range of professional activities including: project planning, budgeting, procurement, scheduling, and coordination of all trades and services. With so many variables impacting on the project, Teamwork and communication are critical to success.

Newton Enterprises assembles a team for each of our management projects.  This process begins with the assignment of a dedicated Project Manager and Site Supervisor whose mandate is to coordinate communication between the site and office, ensure quality control, and maintain the project schedule and budget. Using a team approach maximizes the skills and experience brought to bear and ensures a positive project outcome in full compliance with the contract documents.

Design / Build
Every customer has a unique vision for a building tailored to their individual aesthetic preferences and functional needs. It can be a significant challenge to safeguard that vision as the project travels through a number of specialized organizations on its way to being realized.

The Design / Build delivery method brings every element of the project under one roof thereby improving communication, minimizing delays, and reducing costs. The flexibility of in-house Design, Estimating and Project Management teams allows Newton Enterprises to offer a highly consultative Design/Build process that ensures the right building solution every time.

Whatever delivery method you choose to involve us in, Newton Enterprises has the skills and experience to exceed your expectations.

We take pride in creating homes designed for beauty and efficiency, engineered for safety, and built to last.

That’s the Newton legacy, building a better life.