Elie Estates - Aesthetic Code


The intent of this code is to ensure that all residents of Elie Estates can benefit from the enjoyment and pride of ownership that are part of life in an attractive, well planned community. This goal is accomplished by providing a consistent architectural standard and establishing reasonable time-frames for construction and landscape activities.

This document is subject to change and may be modified at the discretion of Newton Enterprises in order to conform to the intent of the code as the project develops.

Contact Information

Newton Enterprises is the owner of the Development and is solely responsible for approval of all design proposals. Any questions regarding Elie Estates and the Aesthetic Code are welcome! Newton Enterprises will endeavor to address requests and plan reviews within 7 business days. All inquiries and submissions may be forwarded to the attention of Wayne Klippenstein at:

Newton Enterprises
2450 Saskatchewan Ave. W.,
Portage, MB
R1N 3N8

Email: Wayne@ne1983.ca

Building Plans

Building plans are to be submitted to Newton Enterprises for approval prior to construction. The plan review is to ensure that the design and finishes specified are consistent with the terms and spirit of the Aesthetic Code. Plans may be delivered in person during business hours or sent by mail/courier to Newton Enterprises as detailed above.

Construction Standards

All building sites must be kept safe and well organized during construction. Lots are to be kept clear of debris and waste materials are to be stored in a dumpster that is regularly emptied to avoid overflow. Building materials on site are to kept organized and consolidated in one area of the property where possible.

Contractors to the site will ensure that construction vehicles and equipment on the building site do not interfere with access to neighboring properties.

Architectural Standards

The following minimum standards are established to maintain a similarity in building footprint and quality of finish while allowing for the incorporation of a range of building styles and finishes.

Homes will:

  • Occupy no less than 60% of the property width
  • Include a main floor area of no less than 1,100 sq. ft.
  • Attached garage (if included) must not extend beyond 12’ from the face of the house
  • Incorporate quality finish materials and avoid low contrast colors to create strong visual appeal.
  • Meet the following setback requirements:


To Closest Face of Dwelling  Side Yards
30’0” ft. 10’0” ft.


Landscaping is a process that evolves over the life of the property. The minimum requirement is that the lot be finish graded with topsoil and sod installed or grass seed planted.

A driveway is required and may consist of cement, paving stones, asphalt or gravel. Driveways may exceed the width of the garage door but are not to be a focal point of the property. Large parking pads will not be approved.


Plans are to be submitted to Newton Enterprises prior to securing a building permit in case revisions are required. Construction must be complete and the home occupied within 12 months of receipt of building permits. Landscaping including the installation of the driveway is to be complete within 12 months of occupancy.

Compliance Deposit

A compliance deposit of $1,000 is required at time of purchase and will be held in trust by Newton Enterprises for a period of 12 months of occupancy, or until such time as the obligations of the Aesthetic Code have been met in full.

The Compliance Deposit may be used at the discretion of Newton Enterprises to correct any conditions where the purchaser and/or their builder have failed to remedy, upon reasonable notice, violations of the Aesthetic Code.

The Compliance Deposit will be refunded to the purchaser - subsequent to meeting the terms of the Aesthetic Code - less any amounts that may have been used to address deficiencies.


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