Building a Better Life

HeyPortage Magazine - Winter 2017

If you're planning a renovation, addition, or a new building, Newton Enterprises can help! Newton Enterprises is a local contracting company with more than 60 years' experience meeting ...

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Newton Enterprises Launches New Website and Renewed Vision

Herald Leader Press - August 2017

Newton Enterprises is a familiar name to many in our community. For nearly 70 years, they have worked hard to earn a reputation as a leading Manitoba based General Contracting and ...

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Infographic - 5 Myths of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat systems are quiet and deliver even, comfortable heat with unparalleled control. They reduce the movement of allergens, improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs ...

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Infographic - 3 Reasons our Buildings are Better

It’s been said that a building is only as good as the foundation it’s built on – and its true!  The foundation anchors the structure and protects it from upward and downward movement that would cause it to fail.

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