Newton Enterprises Launches New Website and Renewed Vision

Newton Enterprises is a familiar name to many in our community. For nearly 70 years, they have worked hard to earn a reputation as a leading Manitoba based General Contracting and Construction Management firm. With hundreds of successful projects located across three Canadian Provinces, the United States, and Japan, Newton Enterprises is known for quality construction and excellence in customer service.

It’s a truism in the sports world that one of the key challenges of being at the top of your game is staying there. The same is true in business; it’s only through innovation and growth that companies remain viable. Recognizing that fact, Newton Enterprises has recently undertaken an evaluation of every aspect of the organization in a bid to identify areas that needed to be improved. It’s a process that has resulted in a fresh, new vision designed to leverage the company’s successful history and ensure its ongoing success into the future.

New Roles
First on the agenda was the reassignment of several key positions. “Change, even positive change, is a challenge,” noted Brad Dick, President and CEO, “but we knew that the end result would be a stronger team with enhanced capacity.” Mr. Dick understands the challenges very well as his own responsibilities were among the first to change. “I’ve taken on the duties of Construction Manager and am overseeing all aspects of daily operations in that department,” he said. “I’m really excited about that, and all the moves we’ve made. I believe that our team members are all now operating in areas that best match their experience, skills, and passion.”

New Brand Image
Next on the program was the company’s marketing platform. Mark Brown, newly appointed Development Manager commented, “It seemed appropriate with the changes we were making to our organization that we would take the opportunity to revisit our branding as well. After reviewing our current marketing tools, we decided that a complete refresh was in order.” That decision has led to the creation of a crisp, new logo and corporate website that launched on August 22. The new brand image employed on the website will be utilized in every aspect of the company’s marketing over the months ahead.

New Technology
The third item under review was an analysis of all systems that come into play in the life of a project. That exercise led ownership to begin the process of integrating new technology and modernizing key processes. Over the next months, new software will be incorporated to streamline estimating, project management and accounting functions in an effort to increase efficiency and capacity.

Building a Better Life
Wayne Klippenstein, CFO, sums up the whole refresh project in terms of its impact on consumers. “Our customers are the reason for our existence as a company. Our primary goal is to provide each one a quality product and experience. We’re confident that the enhancements we’re making to our operations now will result in just that, an improved product and increased level of service.” Newton Enterprises’ new corporate motto, ‘Building a Better Life’ is a fitting summation for the intent of the recent changes and their service commitment to their customers.

A Brief History of Newton Enterprises
Newton Enterprises began operations in 1952 as a small ‘RED & WHITE’ store located in Newton Siding, just 15 minutes Southeast of Portage. The company’s offering grew over time to include hardware, building materials and construction services. By the time the second generation took the reins in 1983, Newton Enterprises was known as a premiere building materials supplier and general contractor in the RM of Portage La Prairie. Today, Newton Enterprises serves customers in both the public and private sectors. An industry leader in General Contracting and Construction Management, Newton Enterprises’ projects can be found in three Canadian Provinces, the United States and Japan. Here are some highlights from their history that illustrate the growth of the company over the years:

Newton Enterprises opens shop in the Red & White store in Newton Siding, MB. Jake Funk and Frank Warkentin lead the business as it grows to become a full-service lumber yard.

Newton Enterprises is reorganized and the torch is passed to the next generation. The company remains family owned and operated. 

The first retail store is built in Portage in Portage La Prairie in the current Fountain Tire location and opens as the Do-It Centre. 

A new, 12,000 square foot retail store (Do-It Centre) and construction offices are opened in Newton.

Newton Enterprises ships its first building to Japan. More than 140 projects follow in the next three years.

Newton Enterprises opens Newport Design Interiors in Portage to accommodate increasing flooring sales at their Do-It Center stores.

Newton Enterprises joins RONA as the first independently owned and operated RONA location in Western Canada.

Newton Enterprises consolidates their retail businesses into a single location at the Portage La Prairie Shoppers Mall. The facilities in Newton remain the head office location for the construction division. 

We take pride in creating buildings designed for beauty and efficiency, engineered for safety, and built to last.

That’s the Newton legacy,
building a better life.


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